Looking For a Custom Statue for Your Home?

We offer professional metal fabrication in Missoula, MT

In addition to our traditional welding services, we also like to express our creative side. At Drop Cut Fabrication, we can use our metal fabrication skills to create statues and art pieces for you to display in your home in Missoula, MT. Simply come to us with an idea, and we can make it a reality.

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Our artistic fabrication process in 5 steps

Our artistic fabrication process in 5 steps

From start to finish, we work with you bring your metal fabrication ideas to life. Here's how it works:

1. Customers call with an idea for a statue.
2. We add our artistic flair and work with the client on a design.
3. We provide a proof of concept for the customers' approval.
4. Clients come in to inspect the statue when it's finished.
5. We will install the sculpture in your home.

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